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UI/UX Designer

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The Client.

Nubank is a Brazilian digital financial institution that has revolutionized the banking market by offering uncomplicated services, free from bureaucracy and excessive fees. Founded with the mission to empower its users and provide autonomy over their finances, Nubank has excelled in helping people make informed decisions about their money and escape the outdated models of traditional banks.

The Problem.

Nubank, renowned for its innovation and focus on customer financial empowerment, faces a gap in its service offerings: the absence of a budget tracking tool. Additionally, the recent introduction of the "Caixinha" feature enables customers to save money in a personalized manner, aligned with their goals.

"How might we help customers effectively control their expenses while enabling them to save money?"


Upon analyzing the competition, we observed that banks like N26 already offered a similar financial organization tool, allowing users to define spending categories, set monthly budgets, and compare expenses with savings goals. Additionally, during feedback gathering for Nubank's evaluation, we identified user comments expressing the need for an integrated financial control tool within the app.

The Solution.

To meet customer demands and further strengthen its value proposition, the proposed solution was to incorporate the "Budget Tracker" in the Nubank app. This new functionality allows users to define expenses by category, set monthly budgets, and view a comparative chart of their expenses by category at the end of each month, along with tracking their savings.

The benefits of the Budget Tracker are manifold. Users can gain clear insights into their spending habits, identify areas of excessive expenses, and take measures to adjust their financial behaviors. With this feature, Nubank can further solidify its commitment to helping people make informed decisions about their money.

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